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Beef & Pork Ragu


Slow Roasted Beef Shin & Pork Neck, till fall apart tender. With porcini powder, seasonings, a little tomato & Basil.
Add tinned tomatoes & wine/stock or water to loosen to a hearty winter dinner.

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The ragu sauce is a 1 litre container – most of our meals serve 4 adults, so this, as a sauce for 4 big bowls of pasta works- and it’s meaty. There is no mince. This week’s batch is beef shin, osso bucco, veal shank, and smoked hock.
Roasted and added to a base of onions, fresh garlic, herbs, porcini powder, and tomatoes. (no tomato paste).

It’s heavy enough that it will take another 300/500 ml of wine/tomatoes/pasta water/grated zucchini etc. It’s probably too rich for a lasagne but splodged over a fresh risotto/pile of ziti or my favourite, polenta with crumbled gorgonzola, that’s how it works best.

A smear over split focaccia with cheese/olives & salami would make a mean meat lovers pizza…

A rich sauce makes a bowl of pasta an Italian feast, or into a pie dish covered with cheesy potato mash or pastry for a weekend posh pie. Leftovers (huh?) make a brilliant Sunday night toastie, add Siracha, coleslaw, and a side of pickles.


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