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Dill & Mustard Sauce



This green flavour booster sauce is made fresh, with extra virgin olive oil, chervil, forvm Chardonnay vinegar & lots of fresh dill.

Goes with smoked salmon, soft cheese, eggs, ham, pork, pasta, great bread and more.
Mix a spoon with sour cream and fold through pasta. Add a dollop to mayonnaise and fold through just cooked potatoes.
Add to a salad dressing for a super dooper roasted beetroot salad.

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Fresh Dill, blitzed with Tarragon Vinegar, Chervil, Dijon Mustard & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

200ml in a vacuum food safe pouch.


Lovely tossed through fine pasta and smoked salmon.
With soft cheese on fresh bread, smeared over avocado toast wuth or without eggs, its a great power punched flavour lifter.

Lasts 2 weeks in the fridge once opened, but i bet it doesn’t last that long!


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