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Sausage & Potato Casserole


The hot water bottle for your insides. It’s not posh, it fills you up, and could probably match your tracksuit pant outfit….

Top quality beef & pork sausages, with an onion gravy and chunky potato.

Going out fresh this weekend.
The price is great because I’m only covering costs after this weekend lock down.
Ps, I saved myself one. You can’t have it, i licked the lid.

4 in stock


If you are still in your pyjama’s at 4pm, and there’s luck in your day that it stays that way, this is for you!

Be under no illusions, this is NOT FANCY. but it is tasty. A pile of lovely sausages, oven baked to let the greasy part be removed.
Vic’s Meat Beef & Pork sausages. Smothered with parsley & onion gravy and chunky potato

Its enough for two light eaters, or, my big brother Paul would eat all of this and be happy.


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