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Spinach & Zucchini Soup GLUTEN FREE


Greens, but not as you know it.
Tasty, bone broth based, brighten up winter and your weekly meal plan.
Easy to heat, no pots to wash, convenient, good for you, feel good about your choices. If this is the one good choice you make today. Gold Star 🌟 for you!

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Winter got you glum? Put this in your tum.
Gluten-free greens, in a hearty full flavoured organic bone broth.
So good to eat, and so good for you!
750 ml- 3 small bowls, or 2 big bowls.
Restaurant Quality Dining.
Fresh bright green spinach, zucchini, celery & parsley, preserved lemon & mint for zing, seasoned with red pepper flakes.


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