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Persian Chicken

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This is a stand-out chicken dish. It’s fragrant, so tasty, and I love cooking it. Free-range chicken cooked with almonds, ginger, lemon, and cardamom. Boneless, dairy & gluten-free.

*contains nuts

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Treat this as a curry. It's not 'hot' spicy, more like a warming rich chicken dish. Suits plain cooked rice. cous cous or a pile of seasonal green vegetables. To heat, place in the oven on an ovenproof tray, loosen the lid and heat on 160 degrees for 25-35 minutes.

1 review for Persian Chicken

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    This is REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Plenty for four, served with Israeli cous cous!
    Will be back for more! Thank you!!

    • Bernadette Kennealy

      Thankyou Julie ! That’s a great side to soak up the juices!

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